G A R Y   G R I M S A W   M E M O R I A L   S E R I E S




T H E   S E R I E S  

     The Gary Grimshaw Memorial Series is a limited run (editions of only 100), large (avg. 18 x 24 in.), silkscreen prints showcasing the works of Detroit based visual artist Gary Grimshaw. Most known for his psychedelic poster art for the Grande Ballroom in the late sixties, Gary's work is the visual essence of Detroit's rock and roll underground. But his work wasn't limited to the Grande or rock and roll. He was also very active in the underground press scene in Michigan as well as California, cotributing to publications like The Fifth Estate, Ann Arbor Sun, San Francisco Oracle, and the Berkely Tribe. He also created countless logos and designs for many local businesses and artists. So it's my goal with this series to dig a little deeper and present many of Gary's lesser known (but equally as wonderful!) works along with some of his more iconic images to produce a diverse catalog that fully represents Grimshaw's illustrative art. I'm working very closely with the Gary Grimshaw Legacy Foundation and Gary's wife, Laura, to ensure this series retains a well made, high quality standard that will not only meet the approval of you the collector, but more importantly, that Gary would have approved as well. 
                                                                                                                                               ~ Richie Wohlfeil



T H E   A M E R I C A N   B A R B E R     

This is the first image in the series. A very elegant, early Grimshaw work that combines elements of Art Nouveau, Op Art, and psychedelia. This is the poster that inspired this series, but beyond that, if one is to start a Grimshaw series, one must begin with a self portrait of Gary with his third eye. This print is a single color (black) on an off yellow paper made in Niles, Mich. It's 19 x 25 in. and screen printed at Dunwell Drygoods in Hamtramck here, across the street from L&B.

American Barber:




B L A C K   W A V E

The second poster in the Gary Grimshaw Memorial Series is a Grande Ballroom advertisement designed by Gary for the Fifth Estate publication. This ad mentions three headlining acts set to perform at the Grande throughout October of 1967: Cream, Moby Grape, and Paupers. This also marks the first time that this illustration of Gary's has been printed in poster form. It's a two color print (black and blue) on a "natural" off white paper made in Niles, Mich. Printed by Dunwell Drygoods in Hamtramck, this poster is 18 x 24 in.

Black Wave
$ 50.00


L O V E   I N :   E L E M E N T S

The third poster in the Gary Grimshaw Memorial Series, it was one of a few illustrations Gary designed for the Love-In in 1967 that was hosted on Belle Island in Detroit, Mich. Like the previous poster, this too was designed as an advertisment and is also the first time this image has been printed in this form. It measures 17 x 24 in. and is a two color print (black and red) on a nice "wheat-like" paper made in Niles, Mich. Printed by Dunwell Drygoods in Hamtramck.

                                          Love-In / Elements


P S Y C H E D E L I C   M I D W A Y

The fourth poster in the series here showcases a series of shows at a roller skating rink in Royal Oak, Mich. during the summer of 1968 that feature a handfull of really great, local, and relatively unknown bands. A two-color print of blue and orange over a light yellow, almost cream, paper stock that measures to about 18 x 25 in. As per: paper from Niles' French Paper Co. and printed at Dunwell Drygoods in Hamtramck. Restored by Richie Wohlfeil.

                                        Psychedelic Midway




T R O G G S   J U N I O R

The fifth poster in this series is a Grande Ballroom poster by Gary feat. The Troggs, Junior Wells, the MC5 and the Psychedelic Stooges. If I understand correctly, this one wasn't ever made into a poster and only existed as a Grande-card. So this one too is making a poster debut here in the Grimshaw Memorial Series. Running around 16.5 x 25 in. with a single, blue hit over a nice off-white stock from the French Paper Co. in Niles, Mich. and printed by Dunwell Drygoods in Hamtramck, this one's the perfect gift for any fan of truly primitive music.

                                               Troggs Junior



R I T E S   O F   S P R I N G

The sixth poster in the Memorial Series was originally a eight and a half by eleven handbill for the Grande Ballroom in the spring of 1967, an aware preface to the "summer of love." This print is 19 x 25 inches in size, a single color (deep forest green) over a white paper stock from the French Paper Co. in Niles, Mich. As always, printed by Dunwell Dry Goods in Hamtramck, Mich. 

                                              Rites of Spring


T H E   L O V E R S   ( Y I N - Y A N G )

Number seven in the series, a classic Grimshaw design. Two color silk screen print (silver and blue hits over a nice red paper stock), paper from Niles, Michigan as always. Lovingly restored by R. W. for Laura Grimshaw and printed with care and consideration at Dunwell Drygoods in Hamtramck, Mich. 16 x 25 inches. Ever groovy, peace and power to you all 

                                              The Lovers



G U E R R I L L A   L O V E F A R E

This, the eighth poster in our series was made originally as a benifit for the 1967 Steering Committee. The idea was to organize newspaper columnists, musicians, and other local artists so as develop a strong, unified voice to express the group's collective vision. Unfortunately this show never happened as many of its participants were arrested in massive dope raid a week prior to the event. The vision of the '67 Steering Committee / Artists Workshop eventually expanded into Trans-Love Energies Unlimited, featuring activists from the Workshop, LeMar, Guerrilla, 5th Estate, Mixed Media, Magic Veil Light Show, Plum Street, MC-5, Billy C & The Sunshine, designers, poets, screenwriters, photographers, printers, merchants and other humans. The size of this print is 19 x 25 in.

                                              Guerrilla Lovefare