R I C H I E  W O H L F E I L is LO & BEHOLD! owner / operator / curator / builder / painter / literary editor / layout and designer / sound engineer / in house producer / music editor / disc jockey / musician / barrista / resident insomniac / web master and spiritual advisor. So if you have any issues with anything regarding whatever, he's probably busy playing a show, feeding a cat, cleaning a record, sweeping the store, mopping the floor, eating dinner or engaging in one of the listed occupations above, so go easy on him. 

He is author to EXPLORATIONS of a PAGE: a Story of Love Space and Form which is a now out-of-print but still available as a free digital PDF 

out of print

R A N D Y  F O R E M A N is a Michigan Public Schoolbus Driver, odd-ball painter, brilliantly poor taste illustrator, Scoundrel poet, and platypus human. Truly one of the last great ones on this planet in our eyes. He's also a key inspiration in the birth of LO & BEHOLD! though he'd deny such claims . . . but it's true, it was he who hurled the snowball toward some corporate mongrel swine that accidently hit me instead, knocking me down this hill I'm still rolling down — his snowball, now my avalanche.

Randy is author to The Sea as the Sky / Scoundrel two short volumes of poetry printed in one, abstract on the surface, but full truth and bewilderment of the current world and system we all suffer in. A great gift for the dissident in your family. 


$10 Post. Paid    

D R E W  B A R D O is a longtime Michigander musician, writer, and friend to many via his band The QUESTIONS in and around Detroit for as long as I can remember. One of the first cats we met who really dug and was excited about good literature in the city of Detroit some years ago when LO & BEHOLD! began. A relationship begat long ago that we hope will continue even longer, and through further works. 

Drew is the author of The Naked Myopia and Other Poems, his first collection of poetry. This collection is available in the physical form as well as a free downloadable PDF. The image is linked with more info on the book, and his above name features other relatable Drew-isms.



$10 Post. Paid